Arcadia Solar can help you save money on your utility bill by making the switch to solar. We offer a free, no pressure home solar consultation. By reviewing your monthly electric bills, roof type, and roof space we can help you to determine how much of your utility bill you would like to offset and the best system to achieve that goal.


Our solar consultants are friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. During your home consultation, we will review all the phases of making the switch to solar: the different types and costs of systems, tax incentives, warranties, net metering, energy reduction, design and engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Our goal is to provide you with the best information possible so that your switch to solar is easy, affordable, and empowering.



We establish a custom designed system that maximizes solar production while harmonizing with the surrounding environment. Our design department performs a comprehensive site analysis and is responsible for all energy modeling and system layouts, creating system specification documents, and obtaining permits. The design documents are submitted to you, the customer, for approval and to the local code authority for permitting.


In-house coordination and communication between your project manager and our designers allows for maximum preparedness in transitioning to the installation phase. Because we are not burdened by the need to outsource our system designs, we are able to offer a superior product for a competitive price.

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